GameFlow ​v1.2.3

Release Notes:

  • Preliminary adaptation to the new editor theme in Unity 2019.3b.
  • Fixed: Errors after adding a During action to a Group action.
  • Fixed: Error on Interpolate Value if no Variable is specified.
  • Fixed: Casting error in Get Component / Script / SO Property actions.
  • Fixed: Obsolete properties in Get / Set Terrain Property actions.
  • Updated Readme file.

Please notice that I am dropping support for Unity 2018.3 in this update because Unity 2018.4 LTS is pretty much the same thing.

Your feedback is very welcome so please feel free to report any issues you find by using the official issuetracker.

If you find GameFlow useful and interesting, please consider becoming a patron.

Thanks for your support.

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Sep 15, 2019

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